Outside the official class hours (9:00-18:00 from Monday to Thursday, 09:00-15:00 on Friday), you can spend your time any way you like. However, please note that we also offer optional evening sessions as well as opportunities for social gatherings, both in our face-to-face and our virtual programs. Overall, the program is intense and we strongly recommend to not schedule any other commitments during the duration of the Academy, to give yourself space and time to process, reflect, enjoy, and connect with other participants and the instructors.

For our online events, we offer optional sessions with guest speakers as well as “open nights” where you can hang out with the instructors (in Zoom) to have an informal chat and ask them anything you want to know. For face-to-face events, participants often also organize additional social gatherings in the evening or on the weekend (e.g. exploring Hamburg, Bremen and other cities nearby). For both, the face-to-face and online version of our Academy, we gather for a welcome evening and a farewell party – so you might notice that the program is really rich and provides plenty of additional offers beyond the core curriculum.

Can I organize my own free time?