All of our academies have a long lunch break to give you sufficient time to eat, relax, and stretch. The online Academies have a 2-hour lunch break, the face-to-face Academies typically have a 90-minute lunch break. On Fridays, the lunch break is shortened to approx. 1 hour in both versions because class already ends at 15:00.

For the online event, we recommend to use your lunch break to be away from the screen, get some food and movement and fresh air, or do whatever helps you to re-energize and feel good.

For face-to-face events in Hamburg, the training facility is located in a lively area with multiple lunch options in close proximity, e.g. Vapiano (Italian cuisine), Din Hau (Vietnamese cuisine) and various turkish fast food shops, bakeries and caf├ęs with a variety of offerings. Supermarkets where you can buy snacks and drinks are also close by.

For the face-to-face events in Bremen, Jacobs University campus has different options for lunch which we will inform you about upon arrival. Please note that the university is located in a residential area, 20km outside the city centre of Bremen – therefore there are rather few other dining options around.

What about lunch breaks?