We are a not-for profit organization with the aim to enhance intercultural understanding at the core of our mission. InterCultur offers workshops, trainings, and events for organizations, companies, educational institutions, and individuals in need of and interested in enhancing their understanding of intercultural communication, and who wish to improve their handling of cultural differences. Our work is based on the concept of experiential learning.

As a subsidiary of AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V., InterCultur is part of one of the oldest and worldwide largest organisations for intercultural exchange. Our competence derives from over 70 years of experience in realizing exchange programs, resulting in high end services for pedagogical supervision of intercultural encounters and situations, and in qualifying our customers for intercultural competence.

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InterCultur is a member of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V.

The Intercultural Trainer Academy in winter (usually end of January) takes place in cooperation with Constructor University:

Constructor University Bremen (formerly Jacobs University)

Constructor University, located in Bremen, is one of the most international universities in Germany, characterized by a truly intercultural community. The university, founded in 2001, attracts highly talented and open-minded students from all over the world; more than 1,500 students from over 110 nations currently live and study on our residential campus. Constructor University is a research-oriented, state-accredited university with a broad portfolio of undergraduate and graduate study programs from the natural and social sciences to engineering and economics. All programs are taught in English. Research and education at Constructor University are structured in three distinct Focus Areas:

  • Mobility – of people, goods, and information
  • Health – focus on bioactive substances
  • Diversity – in modern societies

At Constructor University, class sizes are small; professors act as individual personal mentors and academic advisors to students. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study. In research and teaching, our faculty members follow a transdisciplinary approach, addressing issues from multiple perspectives. In Germany’s most comprehensive and detailed university ranking by the Center for Higher Education (CHE), Constructor University has consistently achieved top marks since first participating in 2005.

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