Ulrich Kühnen
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen
Dr. Kühnen is Professor of Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen and study program coordinator of the “Master Program in Psychology”.
Before joining Jacobs University in 2003, he studied Psychology at Berlin University of Technology (1989–1995) and received his Dr. phil. from TU Berlin in 1998. After a postdoc stay at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (1999–2000), he continued his career as a research associate at the University of Mannheim where he received his Habilition in 2003.
In his research Dr. Kühnen investigates how culture affects basic functions of the human mind. How does culture shape the way people tend to define the self? How do different kinds of self-construal in turn affect thinking, feeling, and action? Does the subjective meaning of choice differ between cultures? What is the role of religion in interpersonal perception and interaction? Since 2007 Kühnen is Principal Investigator and member of the academic council of the Bremen International Graduate School for the Social Sciences (BIGSSS). BIGSSS is funded by the DFG as part of the so-called excellence initiative of the Federal Government of Germany. Kühnen co-chairs the thematic field “Changing lives in changing socio-cultural contexts” within BIGSSS. Since 2013 Kühnen is Associate Editor of Social Psychology, one of the most prestigious social psychology journals in Europe. Kühnen is author of the book “Tierisch kultiviert – Menschliches Verhalten zwischen Kultur und Evolution” (2015) and of more than 70 articles and book chapters


Annette Gisevius
Annette Gisevius
Annette Gisevius is Head of Training at InterCultur . She holds a degree in Culture Studies of Leuphana University, Germany and a BA from Angelo State University in Texas. She facilitates intercultural trainings for target groups of all ages, incl. teachers and trainers with a focus on cultural awareness, cultural conflict styles and experiential learning in non-formal adult education. Annette Gisevius has worked and lived in Germany, Argentina, Chile, and the USA. She completed a formal education as an “intercultural coach”, is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory, and the Cultural Detective. She is also a certified trainer of Betzavta and TOP (c) (Technology of participation).


Nadine_Binder_300x300 sw
Nadine Binder

At InterCultur, Nadine Binder is responsible for Intercultural Educational Projects and Trainings. She currently is finishing her PhD in psychology at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), conducting research on designing and evaluating intercultural competence programs. She holds a bachelors degree in Intercultural Relations and Behavior from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, and a masters degree in Management of Cultural Diversity from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. She has received certifications from the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) in the U.S. and other learning organizations, is a Senior Facilitator of Personal Leadership and has lived and worked in in various countries. Nadine also is an active member of the Young Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research (Young SIETAR) as well as SIETAR Germany and Europe.


Hannes Wacker

Hannes Wacker is a trainer and consultant for organisational change. He holds a degree in Business Psychology and now focusses on organisational change, training and personal diagnostics. Hannes Wacker joined AFS in 1999 when he went to Guatemala as an exchange student. Three years later he went to Brussels as a volunteer to coordinate a European project on organisational development for youth organisations. He was a member of the European Youth Forum pool of trainers, delivering several international training seminars across Europe, mainly for youth organisations. Besides his professional life in his own company dcp Institute, he still prepares people for a stay abroad and works with different organisations in the field of diagnostics and learning. With some colleages he writes the blog www.50prozent.org, that deals with the psychological aspect of work.


Sherifa Fayez

Sherifa Fayez is National Director of AFS Egypt Intercultural Educational Programs since 2004. She holds more than 15 years of solid experience in the intercultural education and learning field. Sherifa, an intercultural communications consultant, has designed and facilitated diverse intercultural programs that address inclusion, competency, cultural awareness, and transformation. Through experiential learning, the programs address diverse age groups and professionals in Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and the United States. Fayez co-authored Communication Across Cultures With People From the Middle East in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence, 2015. She holds a master’s degree in Intercultural Relations from University of the Pacific in California, USA and an Economics degree from American University in Cairo. She is passionate about spreading the intercultural competency learning particularly in school curriculum and professional workplaces.




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