Online Academy via Zoom / MS Teams

Face-to-face Academy in Hamburg, Germany

Face-to-face Academy in Bremen, Germany

Upcoming dates of the Intercultural Trainer Academy:

03 – 28 June, 2024 (Online Academy, four modules*) – registration open!

  • Module 1: 03 – 07 June, 2024 – Intercultural Training and Experiential Learning (see course overview Days 1-5)
  • Module 2: 13 – 14 June, 2024 – Advanced Training Design (see course overview Days 6-7)
  • Module 3: 20 June, 2024 Counselling and support (see course overview Day 8)
  • Module 4: 27- 28 June, 2024 – Certificate Sessions (see course overview Days 9-10)

05 – 16 August, 2024 (face-to-face in Hamburg, Germany) registration open!

Generally, Intercultural Trainer Academy takes place twice a year.
There is usually one winter academy in the end of January that takes place in Bremen, Germany. In this winter academy we cooperate with the Constructor University.
The next winter academy will take place in January 2025 in Bremen, Germany.
As soon as the concrete dates are set, we will announce them here.

The Online Intercultural Trainer Academy will take place from June 03 to 28, 2024 in four modules encompassing live seminar hours of virtual presence and self-study time. The Online Intercultural Trainer Academy is covering the same content as the face-to-face Intercultural Trainer Academy. Registration is now open.

Then there is another face-to-face academy in summer which takes place in Hamburg, Germany.
The next summer Academy takes place from August 05 to 16, 2024 in Hamburg, Germany.
Registration is now open.

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*The training hours of the Online Academy are 9am-6pm (CET), except for Friday June 07 (Module 1) and Friday June 28 (Module 4) , here the training hours are 9am-3 pm (CET). These scheduled times include lunch breaks (~12am – 2pm), shorter breaks and asynchronous self-study time).

Please note: There will be self-study tasks in between modules. These tasks encompass intercultural theory (readings or videos), reflection tasks, learning diaries, group work with fellow participants and preparing for your own Certificate Training Sessions. The tasks will be announced in week 1 and can be completed on your own time schedule.

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