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FAQ for the Online edition of the Intercultural Trainer Academy

How does the Online Intercultural Trainer Academy differ from the face-to-face Academy?

In the virtual edition you will benefit from the same inputs in theory and trainings design as in the face-to-face ITA. 3 – 4 of our experienced trainers will train the group and always be ready to help you out. It is thus NOT an asynchronous program or for self-study only, but interactive and synchronous.
Nontheless, a special focus of the online Academy will be on virtual implementation of methods and exercizes. Also, the online format opens possibilities to experiment with online collaborative tools, such as mural or padlet. 

In our virtual edition we do not have the explicit separation of theory and practice track, still there will be theory sessions for the whole group. Further, we inform you that the online format prepares you to conduct online trainings as well as the transformation from face-to-face to online courses. Thus, there is a slight difference to the face-to-face format since we focus more on online training and online methods.

How is the Online Intercultural Trainer Academy structured?

The Online Intercultural Trainer Academy is covering the same content as the face-to-face Intercultural Trainer Academy. Also, it following the same approach; covering both theory and practice and focusing on experiential intercultural learning.

The Online Trainer Academy encompasses four consecutive modules:
Module 1: Intercultural Training and Experiential Learning (including several theory and practice modules and hands-on training practice, see course overview Days 1-5)
Module 2: Advanced Training Design (including several theory and practice modules and self-study tasks in between modules, see course overview Days 6-7)  
Module 3: Counselling and support (see course overview Day 8)
Module 4: Certificate Sessions (conducting your own training sessions to receive the certificate, see course overview Days 9-10)

What are the costs for the Online Intercultural Trainer Academy? 

The costs for the 10-day training, training materials and certificate are 1400,-€ in total. Travel, insurance, visa and accommodation costs are not included. In case of the virtual edition there are no additional costs.  

What is the timetable of the Online Intercultural Trainer Academy?

The online classes of the Intercultural Trainer Academy will be Mondays-Thursdays from 09:00 am -6:00 pm CET and Fridays 09:00 am – 3:00 pm CET. These scheduled times include lunch breaks (~12:30-2:00 pm), shorter breaks and asynchronous self-study time. 

How do you manage different time zones of the participants? 

In the past, we had a lot of participants from different time zones around the world. Although the schedule is timed to the Central European Time (CET) zone, we are aware that this can be challenging and we will do our best to accommodate everyone from all different time zones. 

Who are the trainers of the Online Intercultural Trainer Academy? 

During our Online Academy we have up to four trainers or lecturers who will be available during the two training weeks. Therefore it is an individual training. It is NOT a self-paced nor a pre-assembled online course.  

Is this training similar to a train-the-trainer course? 

Yes, it is a training for multipliers. Participants will be trained to be a certified intercultural trainer. 

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