In the following, you’ll find testimonials from our former participants and a gallery with lots of impressions from our previous intercultural trainer academies.

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Voices from previous participants

“The ITA has helped me build my confidence as an intercultural trainer and given me many more ideas to explore in my future workshops. The additional bonus of this program is the love and meticulousness that was put into its design and methods in all the little details, and I hope to put all of it in my own training in the future!”
– Annika Maurer, Student in Global Studies

The Intercultural Trainer Academy (ITA) program has been a very insightful and enriching experience. I was amazed to see the amount of effort and passion the whole ITA trainer team put into creating the entire learning environment more experiential, personal, and meaningful. The program certainly boosted my competencies in creating and delivering training programs.
– Tanya Keni, PhD student

“The Intercultural Trainer Certification program has given me the competencies to design better training courses and the confidence to deliver them. This is primarily due to the team who were personal in their approach and very professional in their leading of the program”
– Peter Somers, Teacher

Photo Gallery

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