The Intercultural Trainer Academies in 2021 , as well as the winter academy in January 2022 have taken place online – as virtual Academys. Learn more about the virtual format here.

The face-to-face Intercultural Trainer Academy in summer typically takes place at SOAL Bildungsforum in Hamburg, Germany. 

  SOAL Bildungsforum | Große Bergstraße 154 | 22767 Hamburg

  How to get to SOAL Bildungsforum: please find all details here.

SOAL is located in lively Hamburg-Altona, in the west of Hamburg. SOAL is close to the train station “Altona” and is surrounded by various shops, restaurants and bars. Also the Elbe is just a short walk away.

The Intercultural Trainer Academy in winter typically takes place at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany

  Jacobs University Bremen | Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen

  How to get to the Jacobs University Campus: please find all details here.

Jacobs University is situated in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen – a city with maritime atmosphere and 1.200 years of history. The central market square is famous for the Bremen Town Musicians and is registered as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. More than 30.000 students live and study in the state of Bremen. Off-campus there are many restaurants, pubs, museums, theatres and other venues to explore.