Here you can find a small collection of hotels that we recommend in Hamburg. The locations of these accommodations are within walking distance to our training sessions. Please note that the given prices just serve as an orientation, as prices may vary depending on the date of stay and the reservation time. Many hotels offer a lower price if the booking is done early. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or questions.

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Hotel Hamburg Altona 

Schanzenstern Altona 

Best Western Raphael 

  • Hotel Category: 3 Stars 
  • Price per night: ~70€ 
  • Distance to training sessions: 700m (9 min) 
  • Website: 
  • Further information: This hotel is located right next to the train station Altona, where you can find a selection of diverse stores and bakeries. 

Intercity Hotel Hamburg 

HVV – Hamburg’s Public Transport

In Hamburg you have the possibility to go by bus, subway, and ferry boat. All public transportation services are offered by HVV – Hamburg’s public transportation provider. Here we will give you a quick overview about the ticket offers and prices. You can find broader information on HVV’s website:

  • Includes, S Bahn, U-Bahn, busses and ferries 
  • HVV App:
    • Buying tickets online easily 
  • Deutschlandticket:
    • It costs 49€
    • It is comparatively cheap
    • It can be used to travel not just in Hamburg but to other German cities without any further payment as long as you don’t travel with the IC/ICE
    • It is a digital ticket and bound to subscription: So you would have to buy it online (e.g. before you get here) and then it will be available during the month of August, BUT you would also have to cancel it directly in August (before the 10th of the month) in order to not have to pay for the next month either
    • More information can be found here: and 
  • General prices:
    • Single ticket depending on the distance (within districts A and B): 1,80 EUR – 3,50 EUR 
    • Day Ticket: 8,20 EUR, from 9 am on: 6,90 EUR (within A and B) 
    • Week ticket: depending on the distance 18,70 EUR to 30 EUR (within A and B) 

Tickets are available at vending machines at the train stations. If you go buy bus, you can tell the driver where you want to go and he / she will sell you a ticket. There is also the possibility to buy tickets in HVV’s app, which will also give you information about trips and schedule information.

Restaurant Recommendations

Between the training location and Altona Bahnhof lies the popular and buzzing district Ottensen. Here, you can find many different cafés, restaurants, shops to buy food, clothes or anything else you need. Within wakling distance you’ll get to enjoy a beautiful view of Hamburg’s harbour at the Altonaer Balkon. Not far from here you will also get to the district St. Pauli with also many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.  

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Groceries and Shopping


  • Aldi  
  • Große Bergstraße 152-162, 22767 Hamburg 
  • DennsBiomarkt 
  • Große Bergstraße 152, 22767 Hamburg 
  • EDEKA 
  • Große Bergstraße 152-162, 22767 Hamburg 
  • Netto 
  • Große Bergstraße 146, 22767 Hamburg 

Drug store 

  • DM  
  • Große Bergstraße 152-162, 22767 Hamburg 
  • Budni 
  • Neue Große Bergstraße 18, 22767 Hamburg 
  • Rossmann 
  • Paul-Nevermann-Platz 15 / 16, 22765 Hamburg 

Shopping Mall 

  • Mercado 
  • Shopping centre with international food stalls and a variety of shops and services. 
  • Ottenser Hauptstraße 10, 22765 Hamburg